my funny cat 2

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my cat would play this game all day!

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Rammadien says:

That’s so niiice 🙂

xilema morales says:

lol that cat is weird

houescats says:

@ToshiroFujimoto she just likes 2 play that god

ToshiroFujimoto says:

i dont know if its because i own a cat that was horribly picked on before i
got her which has made her all jumpy now…or that wasnt very funny….

houescats says:

@Rammadien she does this when im not holding the camra

Rammadien says:

niiiiiiiiice 😉 she must be afraid of your cam xD

TheDarkHadoken says:

funny cat,check out my AYGCat vid.thanks and HADOKEN!!!!

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