Funny Dog goes crazy!

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Under electric shock? Looks like it 🙂
This completely mad dog is Ruby, my chihuahua who still thinks that she is a puppy. Well, she is not. But as crazy as a hatter.
So, why is she running around like that trying to dig herself into the lounge? Good question. I have two theories: My best guess is that she is simply cold and second, maybe she wants to motivate me to play with her.
Ruby isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but she tries hard to learn a few tricks. You find her and her really clever mate Socke in a lot of trick training videos in my channel. Ruby loves to jump, run, dig and desperately try to play with the cats. Oh yes, the cats don’t think that is such a good idea. But Ruby doesn’t care. She doesn’t give up. Funny but cute little pup.


davidsquall351 says:

I think Ruby is seeing ants all over….lol

Marenlene says:

@pailerificationable Haha…yeah, she is a bit special…but I can tell ya,
she is a handful, too 🙂

Marenlene says:

@davidsquall351 Haha…and how big an ant must be for her! She is so tiny

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