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This video is 1 minute spot that was submitted to Butterfinger in one of their promotions looking for new advertisments. The general theme was “Nobody Lays A Finger On My Butterfinger” Although the video did not win it was well received by those who viewed it in the contest. During the contest participants were not allowed to post the video anywhere else on the web, now that the contest is finished I have posted it here on my channel.

This video was shot and edited in about a 24 hour time period.


Producers : Rochelle Winther & Dan “PhunnyGuy” Friedman
Writer : Rochelle “Ro” Winther
Director : Dan “PhunnyGuy” Friedman
Assistant Director : Rochelle “Ro” Winther
Editor : Dan “PhunnyGuy” Friedman
Assistant Editor : Rochelle “Ro” Winther
Sound Engineer & Composer : Dan “PhunnyGuy” Friedman
Assistant Sound Engineer & Composer : Rochelle “Ro” Winther
Production & Set Designer : Rochelle “Ro” Winther
Props & Costumes : Rochelle “Ro” Winther
Animal Handler : Rochelle “Ro” Winther

Stunts Tricks & Lead Actress : Cleopatra “Cleo” Winther

For More Information On Rochelle Winther

For More Information On Dan “PhunnyGuy” Friedman

All material Copyright 2009 &

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rihardo123 says:

only 1th comment 😀

britneydalenumber1 says:

pretty cat meow lol take care dale

frogger561 says:

ok beyond funny

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