Funny cat after vet visit

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Little cat Roxy, after vet visit

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Van Heckman says:

Drunk cats

xKB420x says:

this just made my day

Lolkoi11 says:

You: Cat, you should probably sit down.. Cat: No, I must adventure.

Soperpen54 Kool kid fam says:

At the end this is my shoe!!

ReRe Fudl says:

Im sorry but your cat is drunk

KonradR36 says:

She’s alright now, that is paper clothe from vet after sterilization

Karol Panowicz says:

Poor Roxy ….^^

Ilija Ristovski says:

i dont think shes litle

Seth Howe says:


wiccafreak23 says:

What was she wearing??? A guest paper clothe or something?

LauraDxiaojie says:

Aww, I feel so bad for her! hehe!

VampireRuki says:

i think the oufit is t prevent her from pulling any stitchs or something.
couldnt they gave her a different color? that blue so doesnt go with her
fur 😛

prayerpolice says:

Is this gonna be forever!? Is this real life!!??

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