Funny Animals – My cat while playing, strange! GATTI BUFFI

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Some strange reaction of my cat while playing… first part, scrubbing tha base of the tail, i cause him a licking-reflex… in the second part, if i show him a colored plastic spring that induces him vertigins!…


shiva230178 says:

Well, i don’t think is too tight… his neck is very small, his body very
big (not fat, but has a strange shape…) so seems tight… it has
spacebetween collar and neck… I love him so much, never would injury him!

saveallanimals7 says:

What a gorgeous cat!, by the way the collar is too tight on her neck,
PLEASE (PER FAVORE) loosen up the collar, and do not hung any bell on a
cats neck is very annoying to their ears, tante grazzie for treating our
animals with love and respect

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