A Bichon Frise and His Ball – Cute Funny Puppy Dog

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I really really really want my ball!


freelancer4726 says:

awww when my bichon was younger he was a maniac about playing fetch!

322smartypants says:

ya I do have one.they are so cute

FunnyD ogs says:

@LoveyDoveyHavanese Hahaha!! Yes… thus: “Sky”!! Hahaha

Keweyful says:

i have a bichon and their not supposed to have a lead…their supposed to
have a harness

FunnyD ogs says:

Thank you so much!

rozozzy says:

he is spoiled and too cute for his own good!! you can tell that he is very
happy and loved.

FunnyD ogs says:

@KatieandNiamhx Thanks!! I hope you get one! They are so nice to have!!

FunnyD ogs says:

@freelancer4726 Aww.

322smartypants says:

your dog has a cute innocent face like a teddy bear.: )

FunnyD ogs says:

@rozozzy Lol! Yes he is so loved and so happy!

FunnyD ogs says:

@Ashleypunkchic2098 Lol, thanks. It’s ok.

FunnyD ogs says:

@Keweyful @Keweyful A “lead” is actually a leash. I think you mean collar.
As for the collar, it depends if a dog is well-trained on a leash or not.
If the dog is going to pull, then a collar can cause injury to the trachea,
if the dog does not pull and is well-trained, then a collar is fine and
won’t do any injury. A dog that just refuses to walk well on a leash and
pulls, needs a harness to prevent injury to the trachea, but on the other
hand, a harness just makes a dog pull more.

FunnyD ogs says:

Aww thank you Smartypants!

Ashley2098 says:

*makes (fail =_=)

KatieandNiamhx says:

Aww its soo cute ! Im getting 1 lolx

Ashley2098 says:

Mike’s me want a dog more. So cute tho!

FunnyD ogs says:

@lago4 hee hee thank you. 🙂

LoveyDoveyHavanese says:

To the moon! Jump Sky!

lago4 says:

Those eyes just pierce into your soul

FunnyD ogs says:

Hi! A boy! You have one too? I love Bichons! They are so silly!

322smartypants says:

aww…is he(she)a boy or girl?I have a dog exactly like that she is a girl.

bj616 says:

That is one cute little Bichon. 5 stars

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